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See the opinions of previous Banana Coast Pest Control clients for yourself:

Testimonial 1

"Called Bananacoast Pest Control to carry out a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection. Found them to be extremely professional, prompt and always helpful. I would have no hesitations in recommending them again"

- 12/5/10
Testimonial 2

"To the Lady who answers the phones at Banana Coast Pest Control: Thank you for using your gentle voice and courteous words. It was a real pleasure speaking to you, if only to make a booking for pest control. I had just made a call to another pest control service beforehand and the man was quite impatient with my query and used a harsher tone in speaking. You left me feeling confident and may day is a little brighter because of the way in which you spoke. I will only recommend Bananacoast Pest Control to my friends and acquaintances. Keep up the good service :-) Kind Regards, Nicole"

- 28/1/15
Testimonial 3
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